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Toot of the Week

The difference between NPR and Twitter is that NPR is intentionally a non-profit.




How the Push for Efficiency Changes Us

8 min · explorewhatworks.com

Tara McMullin about the tech industry's push for efficiency and why more efficiency is not always good.

Is Critical Thinking the Most Important Skill for Software Engineers?

9 min · blog.pragmaticengineer.com

Gergely Orosz about critical thinking, why it's an important skill and how to apply it.

Excuse me, is there a problem?

29 min · longform.asmartbear.com

Jason Cohen explains that there's more to startup success than solving a problem and goes into detail explaining the different factors.


Recreating the title effect from creativesouth.com

1 min · rachsmith.com

Rach Smith reproduced a cool mouse-aware text effect using CSS & JavaScript.

It's time to learn oklch color

7 min · keithjgrant.com

Keith J. Grant introduces you to the oklch color model and explains why it's superior to hsl and others.

Offline Is Just Online With Extreme Latency

3 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen summarises a talk by Peter Van Hardenberg, who argues that instead of online vs offline software, it should be seen as a spectrum of latencies. Thanks, Lukas!

A love letter to make

2 min · kmaasrud.com

The author writes a letter to the build tool, praising its reliability among other features.

Load Balancing

16 min · samwho.dev

Sam Rose explains different load balancing algorithms, from round robin to PEWMA.


Watch the first demo of buzzy startup Humane’s wearable AI assistant in leaked clips

3 min · theverge.com

JonPorter collected leaked clips from a TED talk by Humane co-founder Imran Chaudhri. Thanks, Jan!

To understand AI sentience, first understand it in animals

16 min · aeon.co

Kristin Andrews & Jonathan Birch have written an essay about sentience; how unexplored it really is and the N=1 problem.

Prompt injection: What’s the worst that can happen?

8 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Wilson about the worst-Case scenarios of prompt leak attacks with LLMs.

Cutting Room Floor

This is what it looks like to be colorblind

6 min · theverge.com

Andy Baio shares life from their perspective as a colourblind person.

Career Advice No One Gave Me: Give a Lot of Notice When You Quit

8 min · davidlaprade.github.io

David Laprade about the benefits to everyone when you quit with a lot of notice and do a "phased exit plan".

Space Elevator

15 min · neal.fun

Turn on the sound and enjoy this ride to space, showing your the altitudes of planes, rockets, and balloons and more.

You'd Be Happier Living Closer to Friends. Why Don't You?

13 min · annehelen.substack.com

Anne Helen Petersen asks why people don't live closer to friends (i.e. in the same street).


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