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Toot of the Week

OH: the containers can't see you if you don't move



An On-Ramp to Flow

3 min · census.dev

Bradley Buda shares a neat trick to make the on-ramp into flow state easier.

How To Do Hard Things

20 min · every.to

Casey Rosengren about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a technique for behavioural change.

Give People Something To Look At

2 min · staysaasy.com

This article shows a hack for less awkward meetings: Give people something to look at.

Re-thinking Presentations.

6 min · rishad.substack.com

Rishad Tobaccowala is tired of "the old way" of having unnecessarily long slide decks and presents an alternative: 9 slides, each with a purpose.


58 Rust Resources Every Learner Should Know in 2023

13 min · apollolabsblog.hashnode.dev

Omar Hiari has collated a long list of articles, books, videos, podcasts and newsletters for people learning Rust.

My favourite 3 lines of CSS

4 min · andy-bell.co.uk

Andy Bell about a Magic CSS selector called "The Lobotomised Owl" and why they use it in each of their projects.

Static OG (Open Graph) Images in Astro

3 min · 2023.arne.me

I wrote my first blog post this year: A guide to set up build-time Open Graph images in Astro using Satori, sharp and Astro endpoints.


Simply explained: how does GPT work?

10 min · confusedbit.dev

Ever wondered how LLMs work under the hood? This article explains it very well and goes into the (big) differences of the human brain and LLMs.

GPT-4 Week 3. Chatbots are yesterdays news. AI Agents are the future. The beginning of the proto-agi era is here: ChatGPT

10 min · reddit.com/r/ChatGPT

lostlifon summarises last week in AI in a very long list.

Brace Yourself for a Tidal Wave of ChatGPT Email Scams

4 min · wired.com

Bruce Schneier and Barath Raghavan about the possibilities LLMs like ChatGPT provide to online scammers.

Stable Diffusion with Brain Activity

2 min · sites.google.com

Yu Takagi and Shinji Nishimoto found a way to construct images from brain activity which are really close to the image presented.

Cutting Room Floor

Do you need a yearly checkup? Experts warn that they carry risks and do not reduce mortality

5 min · english.elpais.com

Aser García Rada about a study carried out by Danish researchers that concludes that yearly checkouts can do more harm than good.

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Turns out it’s just chance.

2 min · technologyreview.com

This article is about a recent study done by Alessandro Pluchino an co in Italy which shows that wealth is not distributed by talent, instead it's just luck.

Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

13 min · reuters.com

Steve Stecklow, Waylon Cunningham and Hyunjoo Jin expose how Tesla is capturing videos and images from customer's car cameras and employees are making memes of them. Thanks, Eric!


7 min · alex.miller.garden

Alexander Miller writes about their love for a grid — be it for drawing, games or just perceiving the world around us.


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