96 / Neither artificial, nor intelligent

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What if the real DX was the friends we made along the way



The Real Competition is the Water

3 min · rkg.blog

Ravi Gupta explains how startups with long runways run into the danger of mediocrity.

He who submits a resume has already lost

9 min · residentcontrarian.com

Resident Contrarian talks about the power imbalance of hiring via resume and why skipping that part is always preferable.


Zig And Rust

15 min · matklad.github.io

Alex Kladov writes an article about their experience of using Zig with 7 years of Rust experience that makes me want to start writing Zig.

Rust's Golden Rule

7 min · steveklabnik.com

Steve Klabnik about Rust‘s golden rule: "Whenever the body of a function contradicts the function’s signature, the signature takes precedence; the signature is right and the body is wrong."


Neither artificial, nor intelligent

6 min · hidde.blog

Hidde de Vries about the hype of Large Language Models and why they're neither artificial nor intelligent.

The problem with artificial intelligence? It’s neither artificial nor intelligent

4 min · theguardian.com

Evgeny Morozov makes a similar point than Hidde de Vries, but argues from a slightly different perspective, for example that current models have no perception of the past, present or future.

This Changes Everything

6 min · nytimes.com

Ezra Klein about the recent AI developments and how a revolutionary AI will be weirder than we expect. "They believe they might summon demons. They are calling anyway."

Regulating AI (plus links & notes)

9 min · baldurbjarnason.com

Baldur Bjarnason explains why we need to regulate AI and gives concrete examples. At the very end you'll find lots of links to read regarding AI.


Treat your to-read pile like a river

4 min · oliverburkeman.com

Oliver Burkeman writes about the guilt of unread books and articles and offers a solution: Acceptance.

Your reading should be messy

2 min · robinrendle.com

Robin Rendle grew up with the idea that books should be pristine, but figured out that they should be messy and look like they've been read.

Cutting Room Floor


1 hours 24 min · ciechanow.ski

Bartosz Ciechanowski does it again; a great, interactive blog post about bicycles showing how the forces act, how self-balancing works and everything else basically.

Apple Passwords Deserve An App

2 min · cabel.com

Cabel Sasser about the Apple password manager that's tucked away deep in settings and how it deserves its own app.

The age of average

33 min · alexmurrell.co.uk

Alex Murrel about the age of average we're living in: Everything looks the same, no matter where you go.

The Anti-Productivity Manifesto

5 min · invertedpassion.com

Paras Chopra writes about the productivity treadmill and the crux of efficiency: More efficient work just leads to more work.

Some thoughts on my presentation style

4 min · surfingcomplexity.blog

Lorin Hochstein showcases and explains their presentation style.


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