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Toot of the Week

a guide to greetings:

"hi guys": excludes non-guys
"ladies and gentlemen": excludes non-binary people, and men who aren't gentle
"hey folks": a bit too predictable
"hello fortnite gamers": surprising and equally offensive to everyone, the ideal choice



Culture Viruses

6 min · staysaasy.com

This article describes three cultural viruses and how to build a good immune system.

Best printer 2023: just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine

3 min · theverge.com

Nilay Patel writes the best product review of the year so far, seriously go read it!

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

7 min · hbr.org

Neil Pasricha in a very motivation article with tips to read more books.


Don’t use stale bots

5 min · fvsch.com

Florens Verschelde about the negative effects of stale bots in issue trackers.


Rust's Two Kinds of 'Assert' Make for Better Code

8 min · tratt.net

Laurence Tratt explains how they use assertions to make their programs more safe while still being cautious of performance issues.

Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything

1 min · programmingisterrible.com

Tef takes each of the three mantras and explains why they often fall short and the real mantra is: it depends.

Typescripting the technical interview

6 min · richard-towers.com

Richard Towers tells the very entertaining story of a fictional interview where the question is solved entirely in types with ancient runes. I can also recommend the original.


OK, it’s time to freak out about AI

9 min · nonzero.substack.com

Nonzero about the potential dangers of AI that get more realistic with every new model (although I think LLMs aren't the thing we should be scared of).


7 min · matthewstrom.com

Matthew Ström about the future of design with advanced AI. Thanks, Jan!

ChatGPT as muse, not oracle

1 min · geoffreylitt.com

Geoffrey Litt has tried using ChatGPT as a conversation partner that asks questions.

Cutting Room Floor

When our persona becomes our prison

3 min · vanschneider.com

Tobias van Schneider about the danger of locking yourself into the niche that made you successful.

How to craft a harmonious life

2 min · psyche.co

Jessica de Bloom and Merly Kosenkranius explain how striving to live a harmonious life is a better model than just work/life balance.

Tom Sachs Promised a Fun Cult

1 min · curbed.com

Katy Schneider and Adriane Quinlan about working conditions at Tom Sachs' cult, I mean studio.


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