93 / The Waluigi Effect

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#Software can be like bananas:
Not yet ripe and and already rotten at the same time.



Want an unfair advantage in your tech career? Consume content meant for other roles

10 min · matthewgrohman.substack.com

Matthew Grohman about the advantages of understanding other roles (including a list of resources!)


I don't want to log in to your website

2 min · robinrendle.com

Robin Rendle about sketchy sales tactics and the value in simple and honest websites.

Things DBs Don't Do - But Should

16 min · thenile.dev

Gwen Shapira has a list of feature requests for the a modern database.


I built a startup in Rust, I would do it again.

5 min · cloak.software

This article describes the advantage of using Rust in a startup.

When Zig is safer and faster than Rust

15 min · zackoverflow.dev

zack compares unsafe Rust to Zig and explains why Zig was working better for them.

Living with Rust Long-Term (video)

34 min · youtu.be

Jon Gjengset about the things you need to be aware of when building a project in Rust for a long time.

Tricks of the Trait: Enabling Ergonomic Extractors (video)

32 min · youtu.be

Rob Ede explains how you can accept functions with different kinds of arguments in a handler in Rust.


The Waluigi Effect

19 min · lesswrong.com

Cleo Nardo about the inner workings of the Waluigi Effect and other jailbreak methods for LLMs.

AI is making it easier to create more noise, when all I want is good search

1 min · rachsmith.com

Rach Smith describes an AI use-case that trumps content generation: Search.

Large language models are having their Stable Diffusion moment

7 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison appt the current state and future of LLMs.

Cutting Room Floor

There’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically) (2021)

10 min · eukaryotewritesblog.com

Georgia Ray explains why most trees developed individually and other weird botanic quirks. Thanks, Eric!

How the Biggest Fraud in German History Unravelled

50 min · newyorker.com

Ben Taub tells the story of Jan Marsalek in the Wirecard scandal and how the fraud was exposed. Thanks, Lukas!


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