92 / What’s in my software engineering tool belt?

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Toot of the Week

but Rust has a garbage collector, it’s called clippy



How Your LED Lights and Screens are Killing You

42 min · sevarg.net

Russell Graves about the effects of blue light on your sleep and cancer risk and what to do about it.

36 Ways to Live Differently

7 min · chrisguillebeau.com

Chris Guillebeau had a list of 36 things to change in your life for the better.

Seed-Planting Drones Are Reforesting Canada With Lightning Speed

5 min · reasonstobecheerful.world

Emily Nonko about a new tech that uses drones to reforest big areas.

ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web

14 min · newyorker.com

Ted Chiang describes the analogy of viewing large language models like GPT-3 (and therefore ChatGPT) like a blurry view of the web, similar to compressed images.


The difference between good and great engineers

5 min · intercom.com

Darragh Curran has six traits that distinguish good from great engineers.


What's in my software engineering tool belt?

5 min · ntietz.com

Nicholas shares the contents of their software engineering tool belt.

On replacing my MacBook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480

4 min · maxrozen.com

Max Rozen explains how they upgraded their Thinkpad and made it a real alternative to their MacBook.

All your comparable types

12 min · go.dev

Robert Griesemer about changes to comparable types in Go 1.20.

Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel

3 min · gkbrk.com

Gokberk Yaltirakli shows the process of reverse engineering a multicast UDP stream in a hotel.

I love building a startup in Rust. I wouldn't pick it again.

3 min · propelauth.com

Andrew Israel explains why they wouldn't recommend using Rust for an early startup.

ROFL with a LOL: rewriting an NGINX module in Rust

18 min · blog.cloudflare.com

Sam Howson tells the story of CloudFlare rewriting a NGINX module from C to Rust for safety.

All you may need is HTML

4 min · fabiensanglard.net

Fabien Sanglard explains how they generate their website with a custom SSG and little CSS.

Cutting Room Floor

AI is Useful for Capitalists but Probably Terrible for Anyone Else

8 min · mebassett.info

Matthew Eric Bassett about the future with AI and whom it'll benefit.

How heat pumps of the 1800s are becoming the technology of the future

10 min · yaleclimateconnections.org

Chris Baraniuk about the bright future of heat pumps.

World’s Largest Four-Day Work Week Trial Finds Few Are Going Back

4 min · bloomberg.com

Irina Anghel and Arianne Cohen describe the results of the UK trial for four-day weeks.

Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors

53 min · guzey.com

Alexey Guzey wrote an essay listing the errors in "Why We Sleep".

Gameplay Loop

10 min · dukope.itch.io

Lukas Pope about the progress and challenges of his upcoming Playdate game: Mars after Midnight.

How to expand solar power without using precious land

14 min · pnas.org

Steven Battersby about the recent rise of agrivoltaics (solar panels above farm grounds) and floatovoltaics (solar panels floating on water).


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