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Hey hey, it’s been a while — I was sick and then we got a new baby! 🎉

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I lost my programming socks in the lisp wars



Taco Bell Programming

2 min · widgetsandshit.com

Ted Dziuba about Taco Bell programming: Using simple, proven and boring tools to get the job done. Thanks, Eric!

Chat GPT is the birth of the real Web 3.0, and it's not going to be fun.

6 min · lajili.com

Johan Lajili explains why they think ChatGPT will be the (dark) future of the internet and there's little we can do about it.


Resilience and Waste in Software Teams

6 min · jessitron.com

Jessica Joy Kerr about the importance of resilience and the price of it.

Note to future self: Beware of fake urgency

3 min · oded.substack.com

Oded Blayer about the fallacy of fake urgency.

Maybe people do care about performance and reliability

6 min · buttondown.email

Hillel Wayne explains why some software is bloated and the people that are affected are unlikely to be included in the purchase decision.


Handling Integer Overflow in Rust

6 min · bmoxb.io

Max explains how integer overflow is handled in Rust.

Tauri vs Iced vs egui: Rust GUI framework performance comparison

5 min · lukaskalbertodt.github.io

Lukas Kalbertodt compares different Rust frameworks for performance including startup time, input lag and resize tests.

Release Engineering Is Exhausting So Here's cargo-dist

1 min · blog.axo.dev

Gankra introduces a new Rust tool to simplify distribution management and tries it on a personal project.

Rust's Ugly Syntax

4 min · matklad.github.io

Alex Kladov argues that what some people describe as "ugly" syntax in Rust is mostly due to semantics.

Rust to WebAssembly the hard way

2 min · surma.dev

Surma compiles Rust to WASM without bindgen to show what steps are necessary and why. Thanks, Jan!

When Rust hurts

1 min · mmapped.blog

Roman Kashitsyn talks about three things where Rust fell short for them.

[Watch] A Rust-Based, modular Unikernel for MicroVMs

25 min · fosdem.org

Stefan Lankes introduces RustyHeemit, a unikernel written in Rust.

Rust vs. Haskell

3 min · serokell.io

Jay Zelenskyi compares Rust and Haskell, very interesting to see the similarities and differences.


Why Go and not Rust?

9 min · kristoff.it

Loris Cro in a very opinionated love-letter to Go.

Adding Webmentions to Your Site

4 min · rknight.me

Robb Knight explains how they added Webmention support to their website, including Mastodon reactions!

Why I'm not the biggest fan of Single Page Applications

9 min · matuzo.at

Manuel Matuzovic explains some commonly overlooked downsides of using single-page-applications.

Using HTML as a compile target

9 min · blog.yoshuawuyts.com

Yoshua Wuyts explains why they think html should be strongly typed.


Senior IC Reading List

2 min · valhead.com

Val Head has three book recommendations for senior IC designers. Thanks, Jan!

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

7 min · anthonyhobday.com

Anthony Hobday has a list of design rules that you should remember.

You kinda want an orange favicon.

1 min · chriscoyier.net

Chris Coyier about the best color for favicons.

Teenage Skeuomorphic Desktop Designs

2 min · maggieappleton.com

Maggie Appleton has a bunch of screenshots from 2009 showcasing custom icons and wallpapers. A trip down memory lane.

Cutting Room Floor

How to Create Luck

7 min · swyx.io

swyx argues that you can create luck and showcases some systems to do so.

The real aim of big tech’s layoffs: bringing workers to heel

9 min · latimes.com

Brian Merchant argues that the recent tech layoffs at Amazon, Google and Microsoft were to gain more power over the tech workers.

A Note on the Cargo Cult of Zettelkasten

5 min · boffosocko.com

Chris Aldrich about the dangers of cargo cults, specifically the Zettelkasten.

Living Room: Declutter

1 min · jofreund.com

Johannes Freund explains how they mounted their TV to a 300 year old beam with a custom VESA mount.

A guide for Van Life in Japan

3 min · kumazen.com

kuma explains how to live in a van in Japan.


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