90 / My Dream Computer

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Toot of the Week

it's only "AI" if it comes from the san francisco bay area. otherwise it's just sparkling autocomplete



What differentiates the highest-performing product teams (Video)

1 hours 40 min · youtu.be

Lenny Rachitsky has John Cutler on their podcast where they talk about efficient product teams, culture and more.

Software & Hardware

my dream computer

2 min · bluelander.bearblog.dev

m·bluelander about a computer that only exists in their dreams.

Reverse engineering the MacBook clamshell mode

17 min · alinpanaitiu.com

Alin Panaitiu dives deep in an attempt to reverse-engineer the Clamshell mode on macOS.

Vim Weekly Tips #18: Ctags

3 min · lazybear.io

Hyde shows how to make symbol lookup work in Vim.

Our Surprisingly Simple Navigation Hover Effect

1 min · cloudfour.com

Tyler Sticka shows a simple but useful hover effect.

Zero to Nix


A great guide to Nix — if you've been interested but held back because of a lack of documentation, dig in!

Six fun things to do with Rust operator overloading

1 min · wishawa.github.io

Wisha Wanichwecharungruang did some fun things with rust operators, one of them being cout << "Hello".

The Git source code audit, viewed as a Rust programmer

14 min · litchipi.github.io

Litchi pi goes through some vulnerabilities found in the Git codebase and explains if and how rust would protect against them.

Mocktail: The Mock Generator You’ve Been Looking For

4 min · traefik.io

Ludovic Fernandez explains the shortcomings they experienced using existing mock libraries and introduces a new tool to generate mocks in Go.

10 Things I Hate About Go (Video)

30 min · youtu.be

Boldly Go (who uses and likes Go) explains their top 10 things they hate about Go.

Cutting Room Floor

Apple: The Only Big Tech Giant Going Against the Job Cuts Tide

7 min · blog.pragmaticengineer.com

Gergely Orosz about Apple's hiring strategy and how it's worked out in the past years.

How antidepressants help bacteria resist antibiotics

4 min · nature.com

Liam Drew about a recent study that shows how antidepressants trigger an "SOS response" in bacteria that helps build up resistance.

The Billions-Dollar VR/AR Headset Question

8 min · daringfireball.net

John Gruber about the future of AR/VR headsets, why they might not be ready just yet and how Apple could pull it off.


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