89 / Use the Wrong Tool for the Job

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Toot of the Week

and the brain-genius typed "no one would do anything without a profit motive!" and hit send on a button rendered by an open source front end framework firing off an event handled by an open source programming language that sends a packet in a format conforming to an open specification over a protocol developed at universities with public funding until it reaches a web server running an open source operating system that files the hot take away into an open source database for safe keeping



Bricks of Love: create purpose and engagement with weekly updates

3 min · world.hey.com

João Alves about a way to create motivation by providing purpose through weekly updates.

How to use ADRs (Thread)

2 min · mastodon.social

Kevlin Henney has some tricks for effective ADRs (Architecture Decision Records).


20 Things I've Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer

11 min · simplethread.com

Justin Etheredge has 20 pieces of great advice for software engineers.

Use the Wrong Tool for the Job

4 min · buttondown.email

Hillel Wayne about using complexity and what it means to use the "right" tool.

Examples of problems with integers

11 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans asked on Mastodon and collected 9 examples of problems with integers.

Fallible - The Lost Sibling of Result and Option

3 min · datavirke.dk

Mathias Pius about the rarely used Fallible<T> type in Rust.

Rust concepts I wish I learned earlier

22 min · rauljordan.com

Raul Jordan about a bunch of Rust concepts they wish they learned earlier.

Cutting Room Floor

Someone stole my car and now I own hundreds of vinyl records

3 min · mkaic.substack.com

Kai Christensen explains how they became a Vinylhead because their car got stolen.

The Quest for a Dumber Phone

16 min · every.to

Fadeke Adegbuyi about digital minimalism, it's perks and it's challenges.

Inside Elon’s “extremely hardcore” Twitter

31 min · theverge.com

Zoe Schiffer, Casey Newton and Alex Heath tell the story of the Twitter acquisition and the shitshow that followed.

The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget

5 min · kentnerburn.com

Kent Nerburn tells the story of a sweet cab ride that made a big impact on their life.


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