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Hey hey, this is going to be the last issue of 2022 — I wish you happy holidays, see you next year 🎇

Toot of the Week

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Staff archetypes

7 min · staffeng.com

Will Larson describes different roles that Staff engineers tend to take.


A simple stack for today's web hacks

5 min · neugierig.org

Evan Martin defines a very simple stack for simple web development without frameworks or complicated configuration.

Using Zig for Advent of Code

5 min · huy.rocks

Huy shows some Zig examples they've come up with for Advent of Code.

Just Use Postgres for Everything

2 min · amazingcto.com

Stephan Schmidt argues that unless you have a good reason not to, you should use Postgres.

What is in a modern code editor?

13 min · blog.meain.io

Abin Simon describes the must-have features of a modern code editor (with examples).


Rust in 2023

5 min · ncameron.org

Nick Cameron lists the things he wants to see for Rust in 2023.

Working with Rust in (neo)vim

6 min · ntietz.com

Nicholas explains how they use and configured NeoVim to write Rust.

Native Reflection in Rust

4 min · jack.wrenn.fyi

Jack Wrenn introduces deflect, a reflection library for Rust and explains how it work an in which cases it's useful.

Composing an observable Rust application

24 min · blog.logrocket.com

This article explains how you can build custom Layers with the tracing create in Rust.

Cutting Room Floor

Berlin is planning a car-free area larger than Manhattan

4 min · fastcompany.com

Adele Peters about Volksentscheid Berlin Autofrei, an organisation that wants a huge area of Berlin to be car-free.

The best things and stuff of 2022

12 min · blog.fogus.me

Fogus summarises their favourite things of 2023.

How to Improve Your Creative Thinking

8 min · every.to

Alice Albrecht explains a few techniques to improve your creativity and generate ideas.

The secret lives of MI6’s top female spies

30 min · ft.com

Helen Warrell interviews three women in top positions of the MI6 (one of them is Q!)


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