81 / That fediverse feeling

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Hey hey, how’s it going?

Toot of the Week

“Then the spaceman took over the bird site so we all started tooting at the elephant place.”

“Oh…ok grandpa. Let’s get you back to bed.”



Inhumanity of Root Cause Analysis

9 min · verica.io

Casey Rosenthal about the problems of RCA and healthy alternatives.

Long live personal websites, Let's make the web personal again!

4 min · blog.nymhq.com

An ode to personal websites and some advice to get started.


The Tao of Go

13 min · bitfieldconsulting.com

John Arundel about the Tao of Go, principles to write and structure code that can be applied to other languages as well.

Tracing HTTP Requests with tcpflow

1 min · ananthakumaran.in

Anantha Kumaran tells the story of someone on-call debugging HTTP requests with tcpflow.

From Plex to Jellyfin Media Server

3 min · ctrl.blog

Daniel Aleksandersen moved from Plex to Jellyfin and shares their experience.

How to start embedded coding

1 min · jhaand.nl

Jelle Haandrikman has some suggestions on how to get started with embedded coding.

Stealing passwords from infosec Mastodon - without bypassing CSP

6 min · portswigger.net

Gareth Heyes explains how he found a vulnerability in Mastodon.

Making a Go program 42% faster with a one character change

5 min · hmarr.com

Harry Marr explains how removing a stack alloy every loop iteration improved performance by 70 %.

Bringing revsets to Git

6 min · blog.waleedkhan.name

Waleed Khan showcases the git branchless suite.

Let's write a tiny chess engine in Go

9 min · zserge.com

Serge Zaitsev ported parts of sunfish to Go and explains the basics of a chess engine.

Cutting Room Floor

Your next smart home device is a $30 used Kindle

10 min · matthealy.com

Matt Healy shows you how to hack a Kindle to make it part of your smart home.


1 min · passkeys.directory

1Password built a directory of websites that support passkeys.


4 min · bastianallgeier.com

Bastian Allgeier shares their experience a year after installing solar panels on their roof.

That fediverse feeling

5 min · adactio.com

Jeremy summarises the vibes they get when using Mastodon.

How to choose the right Mastodon server without being a huge nerd

4 min · marcel.io

Marcel Wichmann has a guide mostly to non-technical people that want to get started on Mastodon.


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