79 / The perfect commit

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Hopy your week has been good 😌


Things your manager might not know

12 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans has 8 things you can do to make everyone's job a lot easier.

Ideal open source

4 min · nedbatchelder.com

Ned Batchelder about open source motivation and an ideal situation.

How to lead strategically every day

7 min · lenareinhard.com

Fiona McVitie about what makes a good strategy and how to make it a habit.


The Perfect Commit

8 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison has some guidelines for good commits, some of them controversial.

Generic associated types to be stable in Rust 1.65

9 min · blog.rust-lang.org

Jack Huey gives an introduction to GATs in Rust (finally!)

RC Week 7: Four habits to improve as a programmer

4 min · ntietz.com

Nicolas has four habits for programmers.

In defense of linked lists

3 min · antirez.com

antirez lists reasons why linked lists are useful even when they get bad rep.

Cutting Room Floor

The Restaurant Industry’s Worst Idea

5 min · theatlantic.com

Conor Friedersdorf about QR codes and digital menus.

Dynamic documents as personal software

35 min · inkandswitch.com

Geoffrey Litt, Max Schoening, Paul Shen


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