77 / Take a Break You Idiot

This is issue #77 of Arnes Weekly from

Hey everyone, I’ve been sick for the last two weeks, that’s why there was no issue last week.
But I’m back now with a packed issue! Hope you enjoy ❤️

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Should’ve been a cat. Sleep for 16 hours a day, cause chaos for the other 8. Scream loudly whenever I’m hungry. Knock shit off the counter for no reason

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Just for Fun. No, Really.

2 min · justforfunnoreally.dev

Tim Morgan built a nice Page that you can send to people that don't get why you're working on a side project that doesn't look like it will make money.

Take a Break You Idiot

1 min · robinrendle.com

Robin Rendle about the importance of regular breaks from work.

Know your carrying capacity

3 min · macchaffee.com

Mac Chaffee about the term "carrying capacity" and what happens if you don't know yours.

Avoiding Featurism

2 min · tdarb.org

Brad has 5 rules to avoid what they call creeping featurism.

Writing for Engineers

12 min · heinrichhartmann.com

Heinrich Hartmann has a great guide for writing.


Zig-style generics are not well-suited for most languages

14 min · typesanitizer.com

Varun Gandhi explains the drawbacks of Zig-style generics (which are modelled closely after C++ templates).

A Database Without Dynamic Memory Allocation

5 min · tigerbeetle.com

Phil Eaton explains why the TigerBeetle database doesn't use dynamic memory That's one way to get around Zig's manual memory management I guess.

proposal: Go 2: error handling: try statement with handler

10 min · github.com

Greg Weber proposed a try keyword for ergonomic error handling in Go.

A Real World React -> htmx Port

2 min · htmx.org

David Guillot held a talk about moving from React to htmx and the results are staggering.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

8 min · wix-ux.com

Jenni Nadler explains the factors that make a good or bad error message.

Optimizing the hell out of my website

5 min · kmaasrud.com

Knut Magnus Aasrud explains all the steps they took to make their website really tiny.

The HTTP crash course nobody asked for

1 hours 23 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos has written a HTTP/S/2 crash course.


How (and why) nextest uses tokio, part 1

15 min · sunshowers.io

Rain explains why the Rust testing framework uses Tokio and what it used before.

Static streams for faster async proxies

8 min · blog.adamchalmers.com

Adam Chalmers explains how you can stream an incoming request body to an outgoing request in Rust.

Multithreading in Rust

7 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour speeds up their port-scanning software by adding threads.

Rewriting a high performance vector database in Rust

5 min · pinecone.io

Jack Pertschuk about the experience of rewriting the Pinecone database in Rust.

Why Rust?

9 min · rerun.io

Emil Ernerfeldt explains why they use Rust for Rerun.

Magical handler functions in Rust

6 min · lunatic.solutions

Bernard Kolobara explains magical handler functions in Rust and why they can be ineffective.

Cutting Room Floor

My Favourite Computer, An Old Mac

2 min · muezza.ca

Connor Oliver about his Macintosh Classic II.

Writing With Copilot

1 min · jacobian.org

Jacob Kaplan-Moss about using GitHub copilot for writing.

The Right Kind of Attention

2 min · robinrendle.com

Robin Rendle about the right (and wrong) kind of attention. Thanks, Jan!

What If We Just Stopped Being So Available?

6 min · theatlantic.com

Joe Pinsker explainswhy we should stop apologising for late responses. Thanks, Eric!

A historical view on the Metropolitan Apple Watch face

5 min · arun.is

Arun explains the history of the new Metropolitan face for the Apple Watch. Be sure to checkout earlier posts about World Time, GMT and more!

Review of the Kinesis Advantage360 Professional

14 min · arslan.io

Fatih Arslan compares the new Advantage360 keyboard to the Advantage2 from Kinesis.


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