75 / The five-minute feedback fix

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machine learning? i think we need some machine forgetting!!

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What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

7 min · harihareswara.net

Sumana Harihareswara about the lamppost fallacy that is only looking at GitHub for open-source projects.

What I've Learned from Users

9 min · paulgraham.com

Paul Graham about their learnings working with startup founders for YC.


Async destructors, async genericity and completion futures

50 min · sabrinajewson.org

Sabrina Jewson explores options to add async Drop in Rust and concludes in a proposal.

Futures Concurrency IV: Join Ergonomics

9 min · blog.yoshuawuyts.com

Yoshua Wuyts about (async) join ergonomics in Swift and Rust.

Ten challenges for Rust

8 min · ncameron.org

Nick Cameron lists ten challenges for Rust, the language and the ecosystem.

Rust 2024...the year of everywhere?

7 min · smallcultfollowing.com

Niko Matsakis imagines Rust in 2024 and describes the features they think are available by then.


The five-minute feedback fix

6 min · github.com

Hillel Wayne about formal verification methods and their advantages.

How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly

15 min · hynek.me

Hynek Schlawack about the benefits of an offline documentation browser and how to make it great.

OAuth2 explained with cute shapes

5 min · engineering.backmarket.com

If OAuth2 confuses you, Klemen Sever has an explanation using illustrations.


12 min · imperialviolet.org

Adam Langley wrote a guide to integrate passkeys into your website.

Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six

4 min · davidamos.dev

David Amos about principles for cleaner code.

Cutting Room Floor

Apple’s Killing the Password. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

6 min · wired.com

Matt Burgess explains how Apple passkeys works and why it's better than passwords.

'An Army of Zombies Is Leading Us to Hell': A Russian Who Fled Putin's Draft Speaks Out

4 min · theatlantic.com

Anna Nemtsova interviews a Moscow IT professional which left (like many others)


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