74 / The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves

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Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs

13 min · experimentalhistory.substack.com

Adam Mastroianni about the productivity gurus telling you to "eat more frogs" and people following that without thinking about what makes them happy.

Build Your Career on Dirty Work

7 min · staysaasy.com

This article gives the career advice of embracing the "dirty work" like on-call or QA.

What Makes a Senior Engineer? Writing Software vs Building Systems

3 min · codewithstyle.info

Miłosz Piechocki explains why more senior engineers think in systems and gives concrete examples.

ZeroBanana – Senior Engineers are Living in the Future

3 min · zerobanana.com

Zane Bitter explains why it sometimes seems like more senior engineers live in the future.


Why David Yach Loves Go

6 min · cloud.google.com

David Yach (Director of Engineering at Google Cloud) writes a love letter to Go.

Donald Knuth - The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves

6 min · yakshav.es

Florian Gilcher about Donald Knuth and all the yak shaved it took to finally get to LaTeX.

QR codes

2 min · typefully.com

Dan Hollick explains how a QR code works. Thanks, Lukas!

Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3

5 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison about AI prompt injection, a completely new hack.

Shortest URLs on the Internet

3 min · jameswillia.ms

James Williams about top-level domain name resolution.

A pair of Rust kernel modules

4 min · lwn.net

Jonathan Corbet describes the first two real-world kernel modules that have been written in Rust.

Cutting Room Floor

This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

10 min · nirandfar.com

Siri Helle about the myths of too much screen time leading to depression and other myths. Thanks, Eric!

Say Hello to Crazy Thin ‘Deep Insert’ ATM Skimmers

4 min · krebsonsecurity.com

This article is about new type of super-thin ATM skimmers and how they work.

Uncharted waters: what startups can learn from pirates about compensation

7 min · devonzuegel.com

Devon Zuegel about the similarities of startups and pirates.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: Scotland

14 min · austinmann.com

Austin Mann reviews the iPhone 14 Pro camera(s) and gives advice for photographers using it.

Most People Won't

2 min · bryce.vc

A post about making leaps and changing everything, and a story about the Uber CEO.


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