72 / Why are you so busy?

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Hey hey, how’s it going? 🙌🏻


Why are you so busy?

5 min · tomlingham.com

Tom Lingham explains what to do when you're too busy.

Do we need an office?

16 min · zhuk.fi

Nikita Zhuk about remote work and how to make it good.

What distinguishes great software engineers? (pdf)

1 hours 13 min · faculty.washington.edu

Paul Luo Li, Amy J. Ko and Andrew Begel surveyed hundreds of software developers


How and why stable diffusion works for text to image generation

8 min · paepper.com

Marc Päpper explains how stable diffusion works.

1 week of Stable Diffusion

3 min · multimodal.art

A nice timeline of the week after the release of stable diffusion.

DIY out of band management: remote console server

10 min · michael.stapelberg.ch

Michael Stapelberg built a remote console server for his home router using a separate internet connection.

Learning Rust: Combinators

6 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour about different combinators in Rust and how to use them.

Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use.

9 min · blog.torproject.org

nickm describes the process of writing a Tor client in Rust.

Rewriting my blog in Rust for fun and profit

9 min · jonashietala.se

Jonas Hietala rewrote their blog in Rust and describes the process and how it improved.

Cutting Room Floor

I was on TikTok for 30 days: it is manipulative, addictive, and harmful to privacy

13 min · scribe.rip

Luiza Jarovsky about the "epitome of the unregulated attention economy".


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