71 / Coping with Copilot

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hot tip: to avoid writing bugs, don't write software

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First Focus. Then Simplify

3 min · cutlefish.substack.com

John Cutler about the different approaches of simplifying a complex problem vs. focussing on a subset.

The False Trade-off between Quality and Speed

8 min · maruz.medium.com

Mario Caropreso about the importance of quality in software development.


Inside the Pinecone

7 min · pinecone.io

Edo Liberty about the experience of moving a C++ codebase to Rust.

How to deal with money in software

18 min · cs-syd.eu

Tom Sydney Kerckhove about the right and wrong ways to deal with money in software.

Fixing Memory Exhaustion Bugs in My Golang Web App

16 min · mtlynch.io

Michael Lynch tells the story of finding the cause(s) of OOM in a Go application.

Why your website should be under 14kB in size

7 min · endtimes.dev

Nathaniel about the magic 14kB, the size transmitted on the first TCP roundtrip.

Coping with Copilot

6 min · sigarch.org

Emery Berger about GitHub Copilot in education.

Cutting Room Floor

"We Kill People Based on Metadata" and Other Metadata Things

3 min · darknetlive.com

A blogpost with software recommendations for dealing with metadata.

A Shape of Things to Come

13 min · robinsloan.com

Robin Sloan about a weird discovery on Spotify.

Good conversations have lots of doorknobs

7 min · experimentalhistory.substack.com

Adam Mastroianni about givers and takers and how to have good conversations.

Using GPT-3 to augment human intelligence

22 min · escapingflatland.substack.com

Henrik Olof Karlsson explains how you can use AI language models (like GPT-3) to find answers that are hard to google.


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