65 / Why you can’t dig Switzerland

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Hey everyone — I’ve been sick the whole week, hope yours was better ❤️

Tweet of the Week

real rust programmers just wrap everything in an Arc<Mutex> and use async everywhere so they can pretend they are nodejs programmers

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As a Leader, You Own Your Communications Bubble

6 min · blog.thestoryfunnel.co

Jarie Bolander has 7 rules to improve your communication bubble as a manager.

Micromanagement vs. micro-tasks: how to set junior employees up for success in remote

4 min · slite.com

Junior engineers generally have a harder time in remote companies, this article has some tips to make it easier.


DNS Esoterica - Why you can't dig Switzerland

3 min · shkspr.mobi

Terence Eden about a weird relic in the modern dig command that prevents querying for the top-level ch domain without the trailing dot.

Property-based Testing

4 min · unzip.dev

Agam More writes about property-based testing, including recommendations for different software stacks.

How I went about learning Rust

2 min · eli.thegreenplace.net

Eli Bendersky has a list of resources that helped him learn Rust.

A Guide to the Go Garbage Collector

33 min · go.dev

There now is an official guide to the Go garbage collector including an optimization guide.

A Previous Sibling Selector

3 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen found a way to style an element depending on the element that comes after in CSS.

Async Rust: What is a runtime? Here is how tokio works under the hood

4 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour about different async runtimes in Rust and what to look out for.

Cutting Room Floor

These Eat the Rich popsicles depict one-percenters

1 min · boingboing.net

The art collective MSCHF is selling popsicles with rich people's faces on them, so you can finally eat the rich!

NASA’s Webb Produces the Most Detailed Image of the Early Universe to Date

2 min · webbtelescope.org

Very hard to miss if you've been on the internet this week.


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