64 / Absurd Trolley Problems

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Tweet of the Week

Nobody will remember:

  • Your salary
  • Your fancy title
  • How ‘busy’ you where
  • How stressed you were
  • How many hours you worked

People will remember:

  • The giant monoliths you have erected to your own majesty
  • Poems about the monoliths, or at least a few of the good lines
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Panel interviews don't work

6 min · jacobian.org

Jacob Kaplan-Moss on the wrong way to interview candidates: panel interviews.

The skill/experience vs. outcome curve

1 min · twitter.com

John Cutler about the skill/experience vs. outcome curve and how dependent it is on a nurturing culture.

Running an Effective Book Club at Work

4 min · ntietz.com

Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky has some great tips on how to run a book club at work.


Monitoring tiny web services

4 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans about monitoring non-production services as simple as possible.

Rust Editors to Replace TextMate 2 - The Agony of Despair

2 min · fuzzyblog.io

Scott Johnson compares lots of editors written in Rust, this is a great overview.

How to animate multiplayer cursors

6 min · liveblocks.io

Chris Nicholas wrote a great interactive blogpost about different ways to implement remote cursor movement.

What’s new in Go 1.19?

5 min · blog.carlmjohnson.net

Carl Johnson summarises the features of the upcoming Go 1.19 release.

A Pleasing Symmetry in Rust 

2 min · v5.chriskrycho.com

Chris Krycho about the symmetry of Rust structs and enums.

Cutting Room Floor

Absurd Trolley Problems


Neal Agarwal built yet another playful website, this time about the trolley problem. Some of the statistics really surprised me!

Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid

35 min · theatlantic.com

Jonathan Haidt compares the recent changes in society with the biblical story of Babel, the effect of social media on democracy and what to do about it.


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