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Why would I pay GitHub $100/year for an AI to tell me what code to write when men do it for free?

@captainsafia on Twitter on Twitter


DORA Metrics: the Right Answer to measuring engineering team performance

6 min · jacobian.org

Jacob Kaplan-Moss about "the right way" to measure a team's performance.

Companies Using RFCs or Design Docs and Examples of These

9 min · blog.pragmaticengineer.com

Gergely Orosz shares a lot of different ways to write RFCs, including templates!


Remote development with Rust on fly.io

1 hours 10 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos describes how he build a ridiculously over-engineered remote dev environment on fly.io.

Start all of your commands with a comma

2 min · rhodesmill.org

Brandon Rhodes shares one trick to deal with namespace collision for custom scripts: Prefix them with a comma.

Nine Rules for Elegant Rust Library APIs

16 min · towardsdatascience.com

Carl M. Kadie shares 9 great tips for writing Rust libraries.

What is `Box` and how is it different from `String` in Rust?

13 min · mahdi.blog

Mahdi Dibaiee explains how different types are stored on the stack or heap in Rust.

Making Code Faster

9 min · tbray.org

Tim Bray about benchmarking and profiling best practices in Go.

Cutting Room Floor

The Personal Brand Is Dead

7 min · theatlantic.com

Kaitlyn Tiffany explains why Gen Z would rather be anonymous online.

My 40-liter backpack travel guide

12 min · vitalik.ca

Vitalik Buterin lists all the things they have in their 40-liter backpack.

writing one sentence per line

1 min · sive.rs

Derek Sivers explains the advantages of writing one sentence per line.

Reasons to Tour By Bicycle

2 min · kk.org

Kevin Kelly has a list of benefits for bike tours (in America).

Why Does a Hard Workout Make You Less Hungry?

6 min · nytimes.com

Gretchen Reynolds about the discovery of a new molecule that defines the appetite after a workout.

Prestige Writing

4 min · randsinrepose.com

Michael Lopp about good storytelling and why it is simile to magic.


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