61 / Shipping to Production

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Hey, how’s it going? It’s super hot in Germany today (37 °C or 99 °F) so I’m going to get ice cream soon 🍦

Tweet of the Week

I heard some JavaScript developers saying that hydration is pure overhead, so I decided to stop drinking water.

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4 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour about the perfect thinking-to-doing ratio and why it's important not to hold yourself back with decisions that can be fixed later.

Advice for Engineering Managers Who Want to Climb the Ladder

29 min · charity.wtf

Charity about what makes a good engineering director (a manager managing engineering managers).


What Makes a Great Developer Experience?

4 min · leerob.io

Lee Robinson has some great thoughts on developer experience.

Shipping to Production

20 min · blog.pragmaticengineer.com

Gergely Orosz about different ways to ship to production and the cost/benefit of various safeguards.

Am I on the IndieWeb Yet?

3 min · miriamsuzanne.com

Miriam Suzanne about slow social, the indie web and open wishes. Thanks, Jan!

Into the Future with IntoFuture - Improving Rust Async Ergonomics

8 min · refaktory.net

Christoph Herzog showcases the IntoFuture trait that's coming to stable Rust soon.

Visualizing My Blog’s Internal Links

4 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen visualises all internal links on their blogs in a nice graph. Thanks, Jan!

Ask HN: Best dev tool pitches of all time?


Shawn Wang asks HN about the best dev tool pitches, the answers are great!

Best practices for inclusive CLIs

10 min · seirdy.one

Rohan Kumar has a "living article" about dos and don'ts to build inclusive CLIs.

Cutting Room Floor

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

4 min · slate.com

Mario Vittone about the signs of drowning people — watch out for these when going swimming this summer.

The End of the Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy

4 min · theatlantic.com

Derek Thompson about the end of "Millennial Consumer Subsidy", where VC-backed companies (like Uber, Peloton or WeWork) loose money for every purchase in exchange for growth.


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