59 / Programming in the Apocalypse

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Writing is not a result of thinking.
Writing is thinking.

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5 Tier Problem Hierarchy

1 min · typeshare.co

KimSia Sim divides all problems into five levels and uses them to allocate their energy.

What Is Negative Engineering?

10 min · future.com

Jeremiah Lowin about designing for failure and resilience and how it can impact your productivity.


Programming in the Apocalypse

15 min · matduggan.com

Mathew Duggan paints the picture of a software engineer in 2050, dealing with missing parts (due to floods and other catastrophes), spotty internet and other issues caused by the climate crisis.

(async) Rust doesn't have to be hard

10 min · itsallaboutthebit.com

Piotr Sarnacki answers to a blogpost which argues that Rust is (too) hard and explains why it's actually not that hard in most cases for application developers.

The Story of Heroku

9 min · leerob.io

Lee Robinson tells the story of early Heroku, which was a pioneer in DX, and introduces some modern alternatives.

The Radiating Circles of DX Architecture

6 min · dx.tips

Shawn Wang introduces methods to create an end-to-end developer journey. If you care about DX, this is a must-read.

The curse of strong typing

1 hours 9 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos dives deep (as usual) into Rust type issues he's encountered and how to get out of them.

How fast are Linux pipes anyway?

26 min · mazzo.li

Francesco optimises a write and read program to achieve a throughput of over 60 GiB/s over a pipe.

How to Store an SSH Key on a Yubikey

3 min · xeiaso.net

Xe shares how to store an SSH key on a YubiKey.

Interactive Typography Tutorial

4 min · learnui.design

A well-made interactive page to learn typography design. It even works on mobile!

Cutting Room Floor

Hard Drive Apologizes to Elon Musk for Dunking on Him Too Hard

3 min · hard-drive.net

The Hard Drive team summarises the hilarious Twitter conversation with the evil rocket man.

Installing a payphone in my house

8 min · bert.org

Bertrand Fan bought an old payphone and installed it in his office, then connected it to an old phone in the kids room.


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