56 / I Miss Heroku’s DevEx

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Tweet of the Week

Shout out to everyone who periodically drags everything on their desktop into a folder called "Stuff".

@seldo on Twitter on Twitter


Models are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of the wise

1 min · jchyip.medium.com

Jason Yip about the importance of asking why instead of just copying.


I Miss Heroku's DevEx

6 min · christine.website

Xe about the magical DX of Heroku and why nothing comes close to it.

Things I don't want to do to grow my side project

4 min · wagslane.dev

Lane Wagner about things they don't want to do (but might have to) when working on their side project, i.e. taxes, content creation and marketing.

Alex Cornell on Twitter

2 min · twitter.com

Alex Cornell Tweets about design details of the new podcast player in the Substack app. Thanks, Jan!


Our Experience Porting the YJIT Ruby Compiler to Rust

16 min · shopify.engineering

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert shares the experience her team made porting a compiler to Rust, including FFI and recursive trees.

Demystifying Rust Embedded HAL Split and Constrain Methods

10 min · apollolabsblog.hashnode.dev

Omar Hiari about hardware abstraction layers and other Embedded Rust concepts.

Earn $200K by fuzzing for a weekend

41 min · secret.club

addison explains how they found critical bugs by fuzzing (using Rust) and earned $200k.


Safer Enums

2 min · npf.io

Nate Finch introduces a safer way to do enums in Go, using structs instead of string or int.

testscript, a hidden gem the Go team kept locked away — go get it #002

4 min · encore.dev

Aandré Erikkson about a new way to write tests in Go that involve files.

Of Ducks and Go Interface Misuse

7 min · 8thlight.com

Bart Bucknill about the correct way to use Interfaces in Go.

Changing one character wildly improved our application's performance

5 min · segment.com

Kevin Burke tells the story of how changing the operator in a sort function led to a 3.3x speed increase.

Cutting Room Floor

Researchers Pinpoint Reason Infants Die From SIDS

2 min · biospace.com

Researches finally found the reason for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome): It's a brain enzyme deficiency.

why do you waste so much time on the internet.

1 min · zan.bearblog.dev

zanlog about spending time on social media and the struggle to get away

Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland

11 min · hbr.org

Thomas Stackpole interviews Molly White, the creator of Web3 is going just great on her views on the topic.


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