52 / The Return of the 90s Web

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The Return of the 90s Web

5 min · mxb.dev

Max BΓΆck about techniques of the 90s web that are now coming back. Who wants to start a webring with me?

Getting credit for invisible work at the Staff+ level

5 min · leaddev.com

Ryan Harter about invisible work (planning, thrown-away prototypes, etc.).

Software Engineering

Futures Nostalgia

36 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos dives deep into async Rust HTTP code using hyper, tower and a few Rust crimes.

When To Use Generics

8 min · go.dev

Ian Lance Taylor shares some tips on when to use Go generics and when to prefer interface types or reflection.

What I learned from making a DNS client in Rust

8 min · blog.adamchalmers.com

Adam Chalmers shares what libraries he used and what he learned implementing a DNS client in Rust.

A list of new(ish) command line tools

1 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans has a lot of new CLI utilities to spice up your terminal.

Unikernels 🏍️

5 min · unzip.dev

Agam More about the pros, cons and applications of unikernels.

Cutting Room Floor

Find the Place You Love. Then Move There.

6 min · theatlantic.com

Arthur C. Brooks about topophilia, the love for a place.

Fast fashion: European Union reveals fast fashion crackdown

2 min · bbc.com

Helen Briggs about a new EU strategy that requires clothing producers to create longer-lasting and easier-to-repair products.

The Complete Argument Against Crypto

15 min · stephendiehl.com

Stephen Diel about the technical and societal impacts of crypto.

Crypto is like an evil genie that only fulfills neoliberal grifters' darkest wishes.

Find More Ways to Be an Outsider

6 min · theatlantic.com

Arthur C. Brooks about the advantages of being an outsider.

An Ode to Apple's Hide My Email

3 min · empty.coffee

Mike Lapidakis explains why he loves Hide My Email.


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