47 / Falsify yourself

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Tweet of the Week

i love how americans are like "if anyone is in michigan let's meet up" where michigan is like the size of my entire country

@thingskatedid on Twitter on Twitter


Request coalescing in async Rust

54 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos dives deep into caching responses for concurrent requests in Rust.

The Code Review Pyramid

3 min · morling.dev

Gunnar Morling built a great chart of questions to ask in different layers of code reviews.

My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll

4 min · alexanderell.is

Alex Ellis about their inability to resist the temptation of social networks with infinite scrolling.

When I think about how I feel after 30 minutes of letting my mind wander on a walk versus 30 minutes of scrolling, it’s night and day.


Falsify yourself

6 min · iamjonas.me

Jonas Lundberg about the importance of falsifying your ideas and plans before presenting them to others.

Pair Programming Antipatterns

3 min · tuple.app

A great list of things to improve your pair programming skills.

Software Engineering

Bugs in Hello World

3 min · blog.sunfishcode.online

sunfishcode about a bug that appears in most Hello World programs: Handling a full disk.

Some tiny personal programs I've written

4 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans writes about tiny programs that solve a specific problem and they're great.

Still No Consensus On Testing Private Methods

10 min · jesseduffield.com

Jesse Duffield explains different viewpoints on testing private methods.

Nix Flakes: Packages and How to Use Them

23 min · christine.website

Xe Iaso continues their Nix flake series to talk about packaging.

You Don't Know Gif

18 min · blog.darrien.dev

Darrien explores the gif binary representation and some edge cases, like a true-color gif.

Cutting Room Floor

The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote (2010)

5 min · sive.rs

Derek Sivers about the time in 2003 after the initial iTunes launch, when Apple wanted to add music from independent labels and Steve Jobs blocking their access.

How Significant Is Russia’s Partial Ban from SWIFT?

3 min · newyorker.com

Sheelah Kolhatkar about the limited effects of the SWIFT ban.

How to Build a Bike Generator with Control Panel

41 min · lowtechmagazine.com

The Low-tech Magazine explains how they built a bike generator that can charge USB-devices, power a lamp or even a workstation.

Putting ideas into words

4 min · paulgraham.com

Paul Graham about the importance to write down ideas to really know their flaws.

You're using email wrong

3 min · 2023.arne.me

I wrote a blogpost about an email strategy that puts humans first.


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