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I remember when email was useful. Now it's all

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40 min · ciechanow.ski

Bartosz Ciechanowski built an amazing interactive blogpost that explains how GPS works and why.

How "Engineering-Driven" Leads to "Engineering-Supremacy"

9 min · charity.wtf

Charity explains how Honeycomb went from an engineering-driven company to hiring people with actual degrees and experience in other fields (Sales, Marketing, etc.) and the dangers that come with being engineering-driven.

We DO NOT hire engineers who talk shit about sales and marketing.


Times are great for programmers now. How does it end?

3 min · vaghetti.dev

Douglas Vaghetti explores different ways programming work could evolve.

Editing stuff in prod

3 min · rachelbythebay.com

Rachel about the bad practice of editing your production deployment and when it can be necessary.

Software Engineering

SPAs were a mistake

2 min · gomakethings.com

Chris Ferdinandi about the complexity SPAs introduce and how your browser already does that for you with a traditional website.

5 things you don't need Javascript for

8 min · lexoral.com

Steven Waterman lists five things that you can and should do in CSS instead of JavaScript.

Stop Storing Secrets In Environment Variables!

2 min · blog.forcesunseen.com

Matt Hamilton argues that instead of storing secrets in environment variables you should use ephemeral file system mounts.

Reasons for servers to support IPv6

7 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans has 12 reasons why you would want to support IPv6.

Rust's Rules Are Made to Be Broken

6 min · blog.warp.dev

Chuck Pierce explains four Rust concepts that "break" existing rules.

Inspecting Web Views in macOS

1 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen about a way to inspect system web views on macOS (e.g. System Settings). Thanks, Jan!

Cutting Room Floor

Notes apps are where ideas go to die. And that’s good.

6 min · reproof.app

Matthew Guay about the importance of writing things down to close open loops and why, in their opinion, second brain systems don't work. Thanks, Michal!

The Ultra-Introverts Who Live Nocturnally

15 min · theatlantic.com

Faith Hill has talked to nocturnals, people that sleep during daytime and enjoy the dark, calm night and discusses its effects on their mental health. Thanks, Mom!


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