45 / I have no capslock and I must scream

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why rebase when you can just throw your computer out the window

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Support open source that you use by paying the maintainers to talk to your team

3 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison has found a great way to pay open source maintainers if regular sponsorship doesn't work.

I have no capslock and I must scream

2 min · memex.marginalia.nu

This short-story of reducing a product to the point where it's unusable reads almost as a poem.

A career ending mistake

12 min · bitfieldconsulting.com

John Arundel about the importance of planning your career, and different paths (in tech).

Software Engineering

Nix Flakes: an Introduction

22 min · christine.website

Xe Iaso has written a great introduction to Nix Flakes.

Retrofitting Async/Await in Go 1.18

3 min · csgrinding.xyz

Bob Fang explores how async/await could look like in Go 1.18 and why it can improve ergonomics.

How Bitwarden encrypts your data

3 min · huy.rocks

Huy describes how Bitwarden encryption works and why you don't have to re-encrypt items when you change the main password.

Cutting Room Floor

There Is Nothing Dumber Than War

6 min · designmom.substack.com

Gabrielle Stanley Blair about the "unprovoked, unnecessary, and unreasonable" attack on Ukraine and why you should be furious about it.

My Smart Home 2021

12 min · jorisroovers.com

Joris Roovers describes their Home Assistant setup and the changes they made recently.

Be anonymous

4 min · kg.dev

Kash shares some thoughts about different levels of anonymity.

Find You: Building a stealth AirTag clone

11 min · positive.security

Fabian Bräunlein shows ways to circumvent Apples security measures to prevent tracking other people using an AirTag.


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