42 / Settings are not a design failure

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Tweet of the Week

security engineer: we're going to start moving towards zero trust

developer: oh cool. how does that work

security engineer: [narrows eyes] why do you ask

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Settings are not a design failure

3 min · linear.app

Adrien Griveau explains how to "make settings sexy again" and the importance of settings to create a comfortable environment

The unreasonable effectiveness of one-on-ones

6 min · benkuhn.net

Ben Kuhn did regular one-on-ones with their partner to talk about the projects she's working on and shares the topics they talked about and what made the biggest impact.

Software Engineering

Yes, I can connect to a DB in CSS

7 min · leemeichin.com

mrlee wrote a page that can open an SQLite db and query it from CSS. Thanks, Eric!

Building host implementations for WebAssembly interfaces

7 min · radu-matei.com

Radu Matti about wit-binding-wasmtime, a Bytecode Alliance project that generates bindings for your WASM host and module and how to use it.

Diving Deep: implied bounds and variance

8 min · lcnr.de

lcnr goes in depth to explain lifetime elusion with implied bounds and variance in Rust.

Async Rust vs RTOS showdown!

13 min · tweedegolf.nl

Dion compares Embassy (Rust) with FreeRTOS (C) on a microcontroller.

Cutting Room Floor

The Worst Day of Mark Zuckerberg’s Reign

4 min · nymag.com

Kevin T. Dugan about the day Facebook Meta stock lost 25 % and the reasons why. Thanks, Jan!

The last design you'll ever make

8 min · interactionmagic.com

George Cave about two things that make your physical product last as long as possible: Design for re-assembly and accessible documentation.

The five Levels of Hype

4 min · johannesklingebiel.de

Johannes Klingbebiel about the phenomenon of "hype".

Beware the FOMO Bullies of Technology

8 min · theatlantic.com

Charlie Warzel about the FOMO that techbros try to create for the so-called "web3" and the often-shared David Letterman clip (YouTube) where he interviews Bill Gates about the internet.


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