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Contemplating calendars

5 min · devonzuegel.com

Devon Zuegel has an interesting way to use their calendar and seems to get way more out of it than the average person.


The complexity of knowledge and skill transfer

7 min · danluu.com

Dan Luu about the importance of experience in the software engineering field.

@lilykonings on Twitter

1 min · twitter.com

Lily Konings has five questions to ask your future manager back in your interview.

Technical Feasibility

9 min · biodigitaljazz.tech

Tim Reynolds describes the job of a tech lead, arguing that feasibility should be the central theme.

The Biggest Mistake I See Engineers Make

4 min · thezbook.com

Zach Lloyd about the problem with engineers working on a big or important project without involving their team.

Software Engineering

Go is about to get a whole lot faster

2 min · dominictobias.medium.com

Dominic Tobias ported a library to new generics and the benchmarks show a 2-3x increase.

Tutorial: Getting started with generics

10 min · go.dev

The official Go tutorial to get started with generics, one of the most exciting (and controversal) features ever for the language.

I'm porting tsc to Go

2 min · kdy1.dev

DongYoon Kang explains why he chose to rewrite the TypeScript Type Checker in Go instead of Rust.

Hosting my static sites with nginx

6 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans explains her infrastructure and deployment setup for the websites they host.

The Curse of NixOS

7 min · blog.wesleyac.com

Wesley Aptekar-Cassels about NixOS and it's flaws, but also why he can't go back.

Prefer to change the code rather than write a workaround

3 min · catern.com

Spencer Baugh makes the point that unless you have a valid excuse (which you most likely don't have), you should fix code instead of working around it.

Cutting Room Floor

A Science Experiment: published!

11 min · berthub.eu

Bert Hubert has a list of tips to get your paper published in a journal as an outsider.

Yet Another Hot Take on “Folders versus Tags”

18 min · eleanorkonik.com

Eleanor Konik prefers folders to tags in his slip-box.

Buy Things, Not Experiences

3 min · write.as

Harold Lee in an argument against the trend to "buy experiences, not things".



Kevin Wong created a browser extension that replaces the term "nft" with "silly jpeg" and I'm here for it.


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