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Technology Iā€™m thankful for

5 min · crawshaw.io

David Crawshaw about technologies that he's thankful for this turkey day.

Faster software through register based calling

9 min · menno.io

Menno Finlay-Smits explains the new register based calling in Go 1.17 and why it makes your code 5-10 % faster.

Stack-safety for free?

6 min · hurryabit.github.io

Martin Huschenbett introduces an approach for stack-safe recursion using generators.


Just a job

3 min · amyhupe.co.uk

Amy Hupe about the perception of work. Thanks, Jan!

Coding "Homework"

8 min · jacobian.org

Jacob Kaplan-Moss has s some concrete advise on how to structure the coding homework when hiring tech workers.

Your Board of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You

17 min · reactionwheel.net

Jerry Neumann shares some advice when it comes to handling a board of investors as the CEO of a startup.

Software Engineering

Batteries included with Emacs

6 min · karthinks.com

Karthik Chikmagalur showcases some builtin features and modes of Emacs.

Only 90s Web Developers Remember This

5 min · zachholman.com

Zach Holman about six technologies from the nineties (remember marquee?).

OOPS writeups

9 min · surfingcomplexity.blog

Lorin Hochstein shows the structure of their OOPS write-ups and shows some examples.

Notes On [the Rust] Module System

5 min · matklad.github.io

Aleksey Kladov shares some thoughts about the Rust module system.

Merge Queues with Bors

8 min · kflansburg.com

Kevin Flansburg explains Bors, the bot that guarantees that the main branch will always compile by pipelining and testing branches.

Modern CSS Reset / Global Styles

10 min · joshwcomeau.com

Josh Comeau has a simple CSS reset and goes into details for each rule. Did you know the *-selector is not slow after all?


Fun with Red Star OS

5 min · sizeofcat.ru

sizeof(cat) boots North Korea's operating system, the apps installed and the general vibe.

Flatpak Is Not the Future

25 min · ludocode.com

Nicholas Fraser about the rust of Flatpak and it's many downsides (first of all, bloat).

The Operator Pattern in Nomad

7 min · andydote.co.uk

Andy Dote applies the Operator Pattern from Kubernetes to Monad.

NixOS: Headless Home Assistant VM

8 min · myme.no

Martin Myrseth set up a Home Assistant VM on NixOS and explains the configuration and pitfalls.

How to Learn Nix


Ian Henry has a guide on Nix, hoping to improve the documentation by showing misunderstandings and frustrations. I'm not done yet but I remember having some of the same questions when starting to look into this.

Cutting Room Floor

Facebook's Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girl

10 min · theatlantic.com

Jonathan Haidt about the damage social media is causing, especially to teen girls.

A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes? For One Man, It Seems to Have Worked. - The New York Times

9 min · nytimes.com

Gina Kolata about a possible cure of Type 1 Diabetes.

NASA's Planetary-Defense Mission Is on Its Way to an Asteroid

6 min · theatlantic.com

Marina Koren about the preparations we take to be able to prevent an asteroid impact on Earth.


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