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The 37-Year-Olds Are Afraid of the 23-Year-Olds Who Work for Them

10 min · nytimes.com

Emma Goldberg about the generational frictions since Gen Z (born 1997-2012) showed up in the workplace and the disruptions they bring. Thanks, Jan!

Culturally transmitted skills and values

17 min · danluu.com

Dan Luu about the way company culture is influencing people and how the cultural transmission of values and skills is an underrated part of choosing a job.

Don’t be spooky

1 min · therealadam.com

Adam Keys highlights the importance of context when arranging a call (or meet-up) and the mind games that can happen without context.


@sama on Twitter

1 min · twitter.com

Sam Altman about status vs. substance.

This project will only take 2 hours

6 min · web.eecs.utk.edu

Austin Z. Henley explains how easy it is to underestimate the complexity of a project using a real example.

Introduction to Work Sample Tests

5 min · jacobian.org

Jacob Kaplan-Moss about the necessity and advantages of work sample tests.

Finding Your Swagger

8 min · kevinyien.com

Kevin Yien about the time they lost their swagger and how they regained it.

Software Engineering

An oral history of Bank Python

15 min · calpaterson.com

Cal Paterson gives some insights on the bizarre Python-based system in a major bank.

Hacking Stories #1 - The Evil Twin

5 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour wrote a short fictional story about a realistic hacking scenario.

It's Time to Get Hyped About Const Generics in Rust

5 min · nora.codes

Leonora Tindall about some use-cases of const generics in Rust.

Make your monorepo feel small with Git’s sparse index

20 min · github.blog

Derrick Stolee dives deep into Git to explain a feature the Git Fundamentals team at GitHub developed called sparse index.

Rust Iterator Items An exploration of syntax

10 min · estebank.github.io

Esteban Kuber dives deep into Iterators in Rust and how their creation could be simplified.

Practical HTTP Header Smuggling: Sneaking Past Reverse Proxies to Attack AWS and Beyond

14 min · intruder.io

Daniel Thatcher explains header smuggling and talks about some real-world attacks.

Rust data structures with circular references

12 min · eli.thegreenplace.net

Eli Bendersky compares thee techniques of implementing circular references in Rust: Rc, handles and unsafe.

How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect

17 min · youtu.be

Xe about some Nix and NixOS issues and how it could improve (documentation is a big one).

Twelve Years of Go

4 min · go.dev

Russ Cox summarises the last year and gives an outlook on what's coming in 2022.

Cutting Room Floor

The Dueling Ideas That Will Define the 21st Century

9 min · theatlantic.com

Uri Friedman about strategic competition vs. intervulnerability and how the world could work together in crisis.

Why is Excalidraw so fucking good?

3 min · offbyone.us

Zeke Nierenberg in what is not an ad but rather an ode to a simple online drawing tool that I'm definitely trying.

How to Build a Low-tech Website?

12 min · solar.lowtechmagazine.com

Low Tech Magazines website is running on solar power only and will go offline if it's cloudy too many days in a row.

Ask HN: How do you manage your personal documents?


Hacker News discusses personal documents, my favourite: "I shred them all. If someone thinks I need to keep an important document that's their problem." by Kiro.

How to Remember Names Once and for All

5 min · wired.com

Lisa Kanarek shares some tipps on how to remember names.

Is Carbon Capture Here?

8 min · nytimes.com

Peter Wilson about a company that sucks CO2 out of the air and literally turns it into rocks.

Why NFTs are bad: the long version

42 min · antsstyle.medium.com

Antsstyle about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It's a long read, but it explains the problems well.

@docsquiddy on Twitter

3 min · twitter.com

doctober about the psychology of NFTs.


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