30 / It’s all gravy

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Hi, how is your weekend going? This issue is a bit slimmer and has no favorites section as we’ve spent the weekend visiting family (I‘m writing this from the car on the way back). Hope you enjoy nonetheless!


Stop Looking For Mentors


Stay SaaSy says it‘s better to look for people that can answer your questions instead of a mentor.

It's all gravy


Chris Manson on Open Source development and how contributors who are already going "above and beyond" should not feel pressured in any way.

Software Engineering

netaddr.IP: a new IP address type for Go


Brad Fitzpatrick explains the difference approaches of replacing Go‘s net.IP, making it more performant and comparable.

Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation


Dan Slimmon has great advice for automating complex tasks.

‘Trojan Source’ Bug Threatens the Security of All Code


KrebsOnSecurity about a way to use Unicode to smuggle unwanted code changes into projects.

Making Emacs popular again


Jake Edge summarizes the internal discussion of making Emacs more approachable.

How do you tell if a problem is caused by DNS?


Julia Evans has some ways to debug problems to figure out if items caused by DNS or not.

Signatures: The secret behind modern end-to-end encryption


Sylvain Kerkour explains modern end-to-end-encryption.

Practical Nix Flakes


Alexander Bantyev wrote one of the few good introductions to Nix Flakes.

s3-credentials: a tool for creating credentials for S3 buckets


Simon Willison build a tool I‘ll definitely use in the future: Create S3 credentials with one command.

Cutting Room Floor

The Data Behind New York's Increasingly Dirty Electricity Peaks


Steve Gattuso shows the data on New York electricity and how dirty it gets on peaks.

Alt-J: ‘Feeling unsafe is something that’s quite foreign for men’


Leonie Cooper interviews alt-J who have a new album coming up in February.

Modifying my Gaggia Classic Espresso machine


Cal Bryant explains how he modded his coffee machine to achieve consistent perfect coffee.


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