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Tweet of the Week

boss: why were you late

me: a lake of fire swallowed the freeway

boss: i feel like you’re not considering how this affects the team

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Habits I've Developed for Fast + Efficient Programming


Casey Primozic has some great insights on software engineering habits.

Facebook Papers: ‘History Will Not Judge Us Kindly’


Adrienne LaFrance about the battle insight Facebook, now called Meta, when it comes to doing good for the company vs. doing good for the world.


When you're a manager, your behavior is under a microscope


Jacob Kaplan-Moss explains how managers need to pay much closer attention to their behaviour than peers.

Jobs that Marry Together the Most


Nathan Yau has put together a visualisation of jobs that marry together the most and it's surprisingly accurate.

Software Engineering

My ideal Rust workflow


Amos explains their Rust build pipeline in great detail, there's a lot going on here!

RFC 3339 vs ISO 8601


A nice guide on the differences of the two time formats.

Waiting for apt locks without the hacky bash scripts


Chris Sinjakli has tips for dealing with apt locks in scripts.

Go 1.18 will embed source version information into binaries


Chris Siebenmann explains what kind of information is embedded into Go binaries.

Cutting Room Floor

A Prototype Original iPod


Cabel Sasser introduces an early iPod prototype on the 20 year anniversary.

2021 MacBook Pro Teardown: A Glimpse at a Better Timeline


Sam Goldheart summarises the work of the iFixit team to tear down the new MacBook Pro.


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