28 / Willingness to look stupid

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Willingness to look stupid


Dan Luu in an amazing post about the advantages of "looking stupid". If you only read one story today, this is it.

Software developers have stopped caring about reliability


Drew DeVault about the current state of software and how we can improve.


The First 90 Days


Conor Dewey about the 30-60-90 day framework when starting at a company.

How to get useful answers to your questions


Julia Evans has a guide on asking useful questions.

The Sabotage List


Michael Lopp has a list of project's at the back of every notebook and tells you why.

Software Engineering

Scott Mabin


Another update on Rust on Expressif chips (like the ESP32c3).

New HTTP standards for caching on the modern web


Tim Perry introduces the new cache headers, namely Cache-Status and <Target>-Cache-Control. You can use them today with some providers!

Herding elephants: Lessons learned from sharding Postgres at Notion


Garrett Fidalgo explains the strategy of sharding the Notion Postgres monolith and what they'd do differently today.

Cutting Room Floor

@fasterthanlime on Twitter


Amos shares some insight from a locked account about the unreacted Google antitrust filling. "I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which."

Composability is the only game in town – Roam, shipping containers, Lego and Twitter.


Artur Piszek about the perks of composability.

Review: ‘The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity’


William Deresiewicz reviews a book with vastly different views on early humanity.


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