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IoT Hacking and Rickrolling My High School District


A story of a small team rickrolling their entire High School District (of over 11 thousand students).

Speed matters


Jamie Brandon writes that the most important thing to focus on improving is how fast you can work.

How I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident


Pieter Levels about the NomadList project and its history.


What is your labor worth? Tech compensation in 2021


Jacob Kaplan-Moss about tech compensation and how to find out if you're underpaid.

Growth vs. Efficiency


Jay Riverlong on a trade-off that you can find everywhere.

How to Evaluate Startup Offers


Avy Faingezicht has a beginners guide on startup offers (shares, cash, etc.).

Software Engineering

Neural Networks from Scratch - an interactive guide


Allison George created an interactive guide to learn Neural Networks.

NixOS in the Cloud, step-by-step: part 1


Justinas Stankevičius has a tutorial to set up NixOS on a Digital Ocean virtual machine. Make sure to check out part 2 as well!


Rust and GCC, two different ways


Jonathan Corbet about the different approaches to use gcc as a Rust compiler (instead of the currently-supported LLVM).

Making slow Rust code fast


Patrick Freed explains how he improved the performance of his Rust crate, using benchmarks and flame graphs to find slow paths.

Cutting Room Floor

The planet survived six hours without Facebook. Let's make it longer next time


Rupert Goodwins about the Facebook downtime and how Facebook has no essential service.

Invisible asymptotes


Eugene Wei about invisible asymptotes (i.e. reasons for growth stagnation) at various Silicon Valley companies and how to detect them.

Solar-powered aircraft flown for nearly three weeks without landing


Jack Loughran about the Airbus aircraft that could potentially stay airborne for up to six months.


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