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Tweet of the Week

everyone talks about how instagram is bad for mental health but what about jira??

@ikasliwal on Twitter on Twitter


You can't tell people anything (2004)


A great post by Chip, who explains how some things have to be experienced, telling people about it is not enough.

Why corporate social responsibility is BS


Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, about corporate social responsibility and how it‘s mostly marketing.

Why Curiosity Is Better Than Being Smart?


Ivaylo Durmonski about the loop of smartness and curiosity.

The Stability Fantasy


Emmett FitzGerald on the illusion of viewing nature as a stable backdrop of life.


Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet


Celso Martinho with an outsiders view on the Facebook outage.

More details about the October 4 outage


Santosh Janardhan about the things that happened inside of Facebook during the outage.

Tools to explore BGP


Julia Evans about the BGP protocol and tools to visualize BGP routes.

The Facebook whistleblower testifies


Casey Newton about the Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen and her testimonial.

We need to talk about Facebook PR guy Andy Stone


Chris Stokel-Walker about the questionable methods of Favebooks PR guy Andy Stone.


Sociotechnical Lenses into Software Systems


Paul Osman about the different lenses one can have on a team and the importance of the sociotechnical one.

Doing Software Estimation within constraints of Hofstadter’s law and Parkinson’s law


Shekhar Gulati has a guide to maybe more precise software estimation.

How to replace estimations and guesses with a Monte Carlo simulation


Lucas Fernandes da Costa recommends a simulation for (software) estimations.

Software Engineering

The value of in-house expertise


Dan Luu about the the old buy vs. build question and why it's often better to build (for bigger companies).

My Logging Best Practices


Thomas has some tips when it comes to application logging.

Is this the simplest (and most surprising) sorting algorithm ever?


Stanley P. Y. Fung introduces a super simple, though slow, sorting algorithm.

3 Things Go Needs Right Now More Than Generics


Ryan Collingham about Go‘s missing features, in particular enums, universal nil and concise error handling.

Faster time parsing


Phil Pearl goes on an adventure to make parsing RFC3339 faster.

20 Things I've Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer


Justin Etheredge has a list of great advice.

Corey Quinn on Twitter


Corey Quinn has a thread of things learned over the years from various outages.

Cutting Room Floor

Rewilding your attention


Clive Thompson makes the point that we should discover new things without the algorithms sometimes, it‘s called „rewilding your attention“.

It’s time to stop misleading consumers about recycling


LA Times on the sad state of recycling (in the US).

Most Americans Today Believe the Stock Market Is Rigged, and They’re Right


Liam Vaughan about insider trading and fairness in the stock market.

A world first: Ocean drone captures video from inside a hurricane


Impressive footage from inside a hurricane.

The Nasty Logistics of Returning Your Too-Small Pants


Amanda Mull about the journey your sent-back items take and the myth that they get re-sold.


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