25 / Work Is a False Idol

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Greetings from rainy Germany, hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🛋

Tweet of the Week

"Electron is Docker for GUI" is an entirely correct take that I was nonetheless not emotionally prepared for

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Rust for the Polyglot Programmer


If you're an experienced programmer that want's got get their feet wet with Rust, check this out.

Work Is a False Idol


Cassady Rosenblum about the Lying flat movement and people embracing the freedom of rest.

Briefing a Delegate


Jacob Kaplan-Moss on the most important things when it comes to delegation.


How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum


Gergely Orosz about project management techniques and how Scrum can get in the way of shipping.

We deserve better than Confluence and Notion


Paul why often used enterprise documentation software doesn't cut it.

Software Engineering

Reading Code is a Skill


Trisha Gee about the aspect of reading code and how readable code is subjective.

Practical Makefiles, by example


John Tsiombikas has some practical advice on writing Makefiles.

Common Newbie Mistakes and Bad Practices in Rust: Bad Habits


Michael-F-Bryan has collected some common pitfalls for people starting with Rust (esp. coming from C/C++).

Cutting Room Floor

An ultimate guide to memory palaces


Sergiy about memory palaces and good ways to get started.

Parallel Play Isn't Just for Kids


Sophie Vershbow explains why spending time in the presence of other people while doing your own thing is a great thing, not just for children.

Dude, Where’s My Stuff?


Michael Cembalest explains the "global supply chain mess" with tons of graphs.


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