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Tweet of the Week

two seconds into googling a javascript issue and i witness <div class="list-item"> and i want to stop programming for the day

@eevee on Twitter on Twitter


A terminal case of Linux


Amos again with a great post starting with color handling in terminals and ending deep in assembly code.

Start using tools again


I love this post as it perfectly explains the direction I'm going towards myself: Simple, working tools without arbitrary constraints.


People- vs Results-Oriented Management: Both Work!


Jacob Kaplan-Moss about different management styles and why having both is beneficial.

@ShaanVP on Twitter


Shaan Puri has relationship advice for business and life.

Software Engineering

As A Solo Developer, I Decided To Offer Phone Support, And This Is What Happened


Non Umemoto explains the benefits of offering phone support as a solo developer.

The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning


Eugene Yan about the general principle of starting with heuristics and manual logic before going to ML.

What is Rust? - Rustacean Principles


A website that lists the values of Rust and "how to Rustacean".

New tool: an nginx playground


Julia Evans built an NGINX playground and explains why and how.

Cutting Room Floor

The Facebook files


Wall Street Journal reporters have five articles about Facebook and how it's not in control of their platform.

This study shows how people reason their way through echo chambers — and what might guide them out


Shraddha Chakradhar about a study on echo chambers and what could fix them.

Small vehicles of Tokyo


Dan Hill collected a fascinating catalogue of small vehicles in the (sometimes) narrow streets of Tokyo.


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