22 / Intentional connection in the digital office

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"I'm sorry, but we had to cut down the scope to make the deadline."

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Intentional connection in the digital office


Seth Godin about the difference of online and offline human connection.

The Mentorship Diamond


Mike McQuaid about mentorship and why it is important (in both directions).

Software Engineering

Coverage Marks


Aleksey describes the concept of coverage marks. Pretty cool concept.

Rust programs written entirely in Rust


sunfishcode about what it takes to have Rust programs only depend on Rust code (not libc and friends).

How PCI-Express works and why you should care? #GPU


A great explanation of PCIe and what to look out for when trying to maximise your GPU performance.

Cutting Room Floor

mRNA cancer therapy now in human trials after shrinking mouse tumours


Thomas Kingsley about BioNTech moving to human trials for their mRNA-based cancer therapy!

The 'Dead-Internet Theory' Is Wrong but Feels True


Kaitlyn Tiffany about the conspiracy story that most of the internet today is bots.

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship


Sophie Elmhirst tells the story of the failed plan to sell flats on a cruise ship for a tax-free cryptocurrency dream-society.


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