21 / Why Electron apps are fine

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Building shared understanding is some of the most undervalued work in software development.

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Why We Don't Do Daily Stand-Ups


Jezen Thomas explains why his company doesn't do daily stand-ups and I mostly agree.

The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable


Derek Thompson about the worship of work and its history.

Software Engineering

How I re-over-engineered my home network for privacy and security


Ben Balter about his home-network setup. I always find these posts inspiring and they always make me think about how to improve my home network/server.

Why Electron apps are fine


Niels Leenheer thinks Electron apps are fine and tells you why he feels that way.

How we built an auto-scalable Minecraft server for 1000+ players using WorldQL's spatial database


Jackson Roberts made Minecraft scalable with a single-source-of-truth database called Mammoth.

Cutting Room Flor

Buried in concrete: mafia architecture – in pictures


Alessio Mamo photographed the ruins of some of the Italian mafia villas.

How to Keep the Days From Blurring Together


Melissa Kirsch shares some tricks that help bring structure to a day.


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