122 / The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop

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Toot of the Week

hunters that use mating calls as bait r the worst at least food bait gives u food


Random Thoughts 15 years into Software Engineering

3 min · roughlywritten.substack.com

Ryan O'Neill has 15 pieces of advice for software engineers.

You’re not lacking creativity, you’re overwhelmed

6 min · newsletter.thejorgemedina.com

Jorge Medina writes about decision fatigue for online content and presents a mitigation: Curated to create.

Why is nobody excited about these "yesterday"/"2 days ago"/"a week ago" labels?

1 min · grumpy.website

Nikita Prokopov argues one shouldn't use relative time labels unless they make sense in the way humans think.

The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop

12 min · nngroup.com

Kim Salazar, Tim Neusesser and Nishi Chitale about content dispersion and the downsides of mobile-fist design.

Fully Automated Releases for Rust Projects

12 min · blog.orhun.dev

Orhun Parmaksız mixes five powerful Rust automation tools to build what some may call "the toxic brew that might poison one due to over-automation."

University of Chicago researchers seek to “poison” AI art generators with Nightshade

3 min · arstechnica.com

Benj Edwards about a new technology that creates images that look correct to humans but confuse "AI".


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