119 / Nobody Cares

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Toot of the Week

who called it object oriented programming and not class struggle



Nobody Cares

2 min · a16z.com

Ben Horowitz explains why nobody cares about the why of failure.

Micromanagement: The Unpopular Truth You Need to Hear

2 min · shamun.dev

Ido Shamun argues that sometimes micromanagement is a necessary evil.

How (not) to apply for a software job

9 min · benhoyt.com

Ben Hoyt writes do's and don't's for resumes and written interviews.


Choose Postgres queue technology

10 min · adriano.fyi

Adriano Caloiaro argues you should use Postgres queue tech unless you have a good reason not to.

The invisible problem

17 min · jenson.org

Scott Jenson lists the problem of modern mobile text editing and suggests ways to improve it.

Cutting Room Floor

Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in the Microwave

8 min · bonappetit.com

Ali Francis explains how different kinds of plastic behave when microwaved and the dangers of storing or heating up food in plastic containers.


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