118 / How To Engineer Kindness

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Memorized Rules: How to give your life direction

5 min · julian.com

Julian Shapiro introduces you to the magic powers of memorized rules to guide your everyday decisions (with examples).

We are not supposed to live like this

4 min · erinremblance.substack.com

Erin Remblance argues we need to be more connected to nature and the people around you for our mental health.


Use Subdomains

1 min · chriscoyier.net

Chris Coyier argues you should wait with buying a top-level domain for your side-project and instead use subdomains at the start. Thanks, Jan!

You Don't Need to Learn Svelte – Here's Why

7 min · kaviisuri.com

KaviiSuri compares Svelte to React and highlights how you only need native JavaScript knowledge.

Cutting Room Floor

It's okay to Make Something Nobody Wants

2 min · zhangluyao.com

Luyao Zhang about the importance of excitement about the project you're building.

Kind Engineering: How To Engineer Kindness

19 min · kind.engineering

Evan Smith about the benefits of engineering kindness and how do so.


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