117 / Don't be afraid to be wrong

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Toot of the Week

is there like a 'no more tears' shampoo but for docker?



Don't be afraid to be wrong

6 min · nlopes.dev

Norberto shares strategies to be more resilient and relaxed in cases where you could be wrong.

30 Criticisms That Hold Women Leaders Back, According to New Research

4 min · sheknows.com

Lauryn Higgins about gender bias in the workplace and gives tips to fight it.


A Senior Engineer's CheckList

4 min · littleblah.com

A checklist for a senior engineer (with 60 items!)

7 simple habits of the top 1% of engineers

5 min · engineercodex.substack.com

A list with seven useful engineering habits.

Using Zig in our incremental Turborepo migration from Go to Rust

11 min · vercel.com

Nicholas Yang explains how and why they use Zig as a compiler to enable the move from Go to Rust in Turborepo.

Linear code is more readable

3 min · blog.separateconcerns.com

Pierre 'catwell' Chapuis about the benefits of linear code and how to get most of the benefits of abstractions.

Aging Code

8 min · vadimkravcenko.com

Vadim Kravcenko about the glow of a maturity in an old(er) codebase and why it might outweigh the reasons to do a rewrite.

Cutting Room Floor

Your customers hate MVPs. Make a SLC instead.

7 min · longform.asmartbear.com

Jason Cohen explains why Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is a selfish process and you should instead build something Simple, Lovable and Complete (SLC).

What if civilisation *doesn't* collapse?

2 min · shkspr.mobi

@edent about the advantages of an eReader and risk management.

An Opinionated Personal Folder Structure

8 min · stefanzweifel.dev

Stefan Zweifel explains their folder structure, adapted after Johnny Decimal. Thanks, Jan!


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