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"Shitposting" is an anagram of "Top Insights"

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How to sabotage your salary negotiation efforts before you even start

21 min · interviewing.io

Aline Lerner showcases two mistakes for salary negotiation and how to avoid them.


The four types of software in the future

5 min · proofofconcept.pub

David Hoang introduces four classifications of software in the future: Commercial, Boutique, Personal, and Disposable.

Why you should consider Rust for your Lambdas

14 min · loige.co

Luciano Mammino explains why Rust is a great fit for AWS Lambda.

Why Tailwind CSS Won

1 min · matt-rickard.com

Matt Rickard lists four reasons why Tailwind is so popular.

No one actually wants simplicity

2 min · lukeplant.me.uk

Luke Plant explains why if you won't sacrifice anything for simplicity, you don't care about it.

Cutting Room Floor

Ask vs guess culture

8 min · jeanhsu.substack.com

Jean Hsu explains two different approaches to asking for something and how they sometimes clash.

We’re All Just Temporarily Abled

2 min · blog.jim-nielsen.com

Jim Nielsen explains how 100% of people will have some form of disability in their lifetime.

How a startup looses its spark

7 min · blog.johnqian.com

John Qian explains what makes a startup intoxicating and how these qualities are eroded with more employees. Thanks, Lukas!

E-ink is so Retropunk

5 min · rmkit.dev

This article is a love letter to open e-ink devices like the reMarkable or Kobo.


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