114 / Edsger Dijkstra's One-Day Workweek

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Hey hey, a bit late due to vacation travels but here we are! Hope you find something cool in this week’s selection. 😌

Toot of the Week

it's cute when websites think I would turn off my ad blocker rather than just leaving the page



Edsger Dijkstra's One-Day Workweek

3 min · calnewport.com

Cal Newport about Edsger Dijkstra working one day a week and why busyness can prevent productivity.


What makes a website cool?

3 min · buttondown.email

Robin Rendle explains what makes a website cool in their eyes. Thanks, Jan!

Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang

22 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos takes a close look at Go and weighs its issues against its strengths.

Why Static Languages Suffer From Complexity

27 min · hirrolot.github.io

Hirrolot writes about types in language design and the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic vs. static languages.

Monitoring your logs is mostly a tarpit

2 min · utcc.utoronto.ca

Chris Siebenmann argues monitoring unstructured logs isn't worth it.

Getting my library cards onto my phone the hard way

11 min · iliana.fyi

iliana etaoin shares how xie built a custom Apple Wallet pass for xer library card.


Some tactics for writing in public

9 min · jvns.ca

Julia Evans shares advice on what to look out for when writing in public.

How I make annotated presentations

8 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison shares their progress to turn a given talk into a blog post.

Using ChatGPT for Songwriting

2 min · theredhandfiles.com

Nick Cave answers the question why you shouldn't use ChatGPT for songwriting even if it's so much ’faster and easier‘. Thanks, Jan!

Cutting Room Floor

The monster atomic bomb that was too big to use

4 min · bbc.com

Stephen Downling about Tsar Bomba, an experimental nuclear bomb that was too powerful to test.

Not Using Zoom

3 min · the.webm.ink

Simon Phipps explains why they're not using Zoom anymore after the latest Terms of Service update.


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