111 / This will be easy

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Hey hey, how was your week? ✌🏻

Toot of the Week

I got fuck-all done today but I also have a couple of incredibly smooth yaks



Proof You Can Do Hard Things

3 min · blog.nateliason.com

Nat Eliason gives a better answer to why you should learn calculus in school.

Alignment > Autonomy

5 min · buildrightside.com

Jean-Michel about the importance of alignment and the false assumption that autonomy is more important.

What makes developers productive?

6 min · jeremymikkola.com

Jeremy Mikkola has ten metrics which indicate developer productivity better than lines of code written.


This will be easy

5 min · bitecode.dev

A story about doing an HTTP Post request—a simple task, made complicated by real-life constraints.

I don't know how I feel about email

8 min · xeiaso.net

Xe Iaso writes a satire post about email—one that might remind you of arguments against a certain social network.

Software engineers hate code

4 min · dancowell.com

Dan Cowell writes a humorous article about software engineers‘ hate for (other people) code and the resulting effects.

How We Generate JavaScript and Python SDKs From Our Canonical Rust SDK

8 min · postgresml.org

Silas Marvin explains how they used Rust macros to generate JavaScript and Python implementations based on the Rust SDK.

Stop Overengineering

1 min · blog.matt-rickard.com

Matt Rickard lists 10 negative effects of overengineering.

Why Rust is a great fit for embedded software - 2023 update

7 min · tweedegolf.nl

Henk talks about the state of embedded Rust.

Cutting Room Floor

When Work Didn't Follow You Home

1 min · calnewport.com

Cal Newport about a recent article by Dan Kois interviewing Gen X people about what they did after work.

A 17th-century font in a 21st-century thesis

9 min · linyangchen.com

Lin Yangchen found an 17th-century font and, after quite some research and then some careful manual adaptions, used it in their thesis.


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