110 / Compounding Optimism

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Toot of the Week

installing Office 97 just to feel something again 📎💬



Compounding Optimism

5 min · collabfund.com

Morgan Housel shares a theory of compounding ideas and why it's easy to underestimate.


7 min · patrickcollison.com

Patrick Collison has a list of projects which were completed super fast. Did you know the first iPod took less than a year?


Five ways AI could improve the world: ‘We can cure all diseases, stabilise our climate, halt poverty’

9 min · theguardian.com

Steve Rose asked five leading AI researchers to lay out their best-case scenarios for the future of AI. Thanks, Astrid!

Five ways AI might destroy the world: ‘Everyone on Earth could fall over dead in the same second’

8 min · theguardian.com

Steve Rose asks five leading AI researchers to speculate what could go wrong.


8 min · qntm.org

qntm writes a fictional Wikipedia article from the future about MMACevedo, the earliest executable image of a human brain and the ethical complications.

Cutting Room Floor

How a 'NULL' License Plate Landed One Hacker in Ticket Hell

6 min · wired.com

Brian Barret tells the story of Joseph Tartaro, who registered NULL as a license plate in the US and ever since receives fines he has nothing to do with.

Facebook's Threads is so depressing

3 min · jogblog.substack.com

Jason O. Gilbert shares their experience with Facebook's new Twitter clone.

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed

3 min · ploum.net

Ploum explains why social networks will never "succeed" (whatever that means) and that the real value is in the community, not the tool it uses.

Multi-layered calendars

7 min · julian.digital

Julian noticed that our calendars are stuck in the past and explores a more modern approach using different layers for different activities. Thanks, Jan!


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