107 / IKEA-Oriented Development

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Toot of the Week

let’s all go back to internet 1.0.
you can only connect to it through a black and white macintosh, and the only things there are a chatroom and movie times. no browsers. no sites. and you can only connect late in the evening when no one is expecting a phone call. oh and you’re charged by the minute. it’s beautiful.



Speed matters: Why working quickly is more important than it seems

5 min · jsomers.net

James Somers about activation energy and why working fast can be beneficial.

Don't make the same 3 performance review mistakes I made

5 min · careercutler.substack.com

Jordan Cutler shares some advice for performance reviews.

Killing Community

4 min · marginalia.nu

Viktor Lofgren explains how a community can feel like a village and how that is destroyed.


Giving more tools to software engineers: the reorganization of the factory

11 min · erikbern.com

Erik Bernhardsson about engineer productivity, the knowledge factory and the future of engineering.

The five types of people who produce inaccessible code

1 min · ericwbailey.website

Eric lists five personas of people who write inaccessible code.

Finish your projects

7 min · github.com

Aaron Francis shares advice on how to finish your (side-)projects.

Ikea-Oriented Development

3 min · taylor.town

Taylor takes the core principles from IKEA and applies them to software engineering.

Cutting Room Floor

Eastern philosophy says there is no "self." Science agrees

9 min · bigthink.com

Chris Niebauer explains that a lot of problems come from people thinking their self is a pilot, when it in fact might not exist.

The dark side of the leadership

3 min · elenaverna.substack.com

Elena Verna always wanted to be in a leadership position but wasn't aware of the downsides they're now summarising in this article.

UN chief says fossil fuels are 'incompatible with human survival,' calls for credible exit strategy

3 min · pbs.org

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres finds strong words against big oil and dismisses attempts to make them more efficient.


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