106 / Anything can be a message queue

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Toot of the Week

No todo lists, only chips.


Apple Vision Pro

On Jackpot Technologies, or, what Apple's new headset is actually *for*

7 min · davekarpf.substack.com

Dave Karpf argues the Vision Pro is going to gain value in the future where you might not be able to go outside (due to wildfires or other events induced by the climate-crisis).

Apple Vision

19 min · stratechery.com

Ben Thompson shares their thoughts on the new Apple Vision headset.


Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough

19 min · xeiaso.net

Xe Iaso build a Managed NAT Gateway at home using S3.

Animated Pride Flags

9 min · joshwcomeau.com

Josh Comeau explains how to animate a pride flag using HTML, CSS & React.

WebKit Features in Safari 17 beta

24 min · webkit.org

This blog post summarises all new WebKit feature for Safari 17.

Understanding GPT tokenizers

5 min · simonwillison.net

Simon Willison explains how tokenisers in LLMs work.

Cutting Room Floor

Every self-help book ever, boiled down to 11 simple rules (2020)

15 min · mashable.com

Chris Taylor tries to distill the essence of hundred of self-help books into eleven rules.

The platforms give up on 2020 lies

9 min · platformer.news

Casey Newton explains the course of action most social networks took to fight desinformation: Give up.

List one task, do it, cross it out

3 min · oliverburkeman.com

Oliver Burkeman about the calmness of knowing exactly what needs doing.


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